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Emergency Eye Care in Ken Caryl, CO

At the Eyecare Center of Ken Caryl in Ken Caryl, CO, we provide prompt and effective emergency eye care to protect your vision and alleviate any discomfort. Our experienced team, including Dr. Seidman and Dr. Goettge, are prepared to assess and address a wide range of eye concerns, from infections to foreign objects in the eye. These visits are billed through your medical insurance. 

In case of an eye emergency, don’t hesitate to contact our office for immediate assistance. While some ocular emergencies necessitate a trip to the emergency room, many situations are best handled by an optometrist who is specially trained in eye infections and foreign body removal. 

When is urgent eye care necessary?  

If you have a foreign object lodged in your eye, such as metal or wood shavings, our skilled staff can safely extract it while minimizing damage to the eye. We also treat eye infections, like conjunctivitis (pink eye). Seek immediate medical attention if you experience any of the following symptoms: 

  • Burning or stinging eyes 
  • One eye isn’t moving like the other eye 
  • Decreased vision or double vision 
  • Increased sensitivity to light 
  • Blood on the white part of the eye 
  • Severe itching sensation in the eye 
  • New or severe headaches 

Get in touch with us right away if you notice an increase in eye floaters, see flashes of light, or perceive a dark curtain on the side of your vision, as these could be signs of retinal detachment. 

What to do during an eye emergency  

When dealing with an eye emergency, follow these steps to avoid making it worse:    

  • If chemicals come into contact with your eyes, rinse them with water for 10-15 minutes and avoid covering the affected eye. 
  • If you have something in your eyes, avoid rubbing them to prevent further damage and reduce the spread of any germs, bacteria, or infections.   
  • Apply a cold compress gently around your eye after an injury to minimize swelling.  
  • Avoid driving if you are experiencing an eye emergency or vision issues. 

Prompt treatment for eye emergencies is crucial to prevent permanent damage or vision loss. If you are currently facing an eye emergency, please contact us right away to schedule an emergency eye examination.

Emergency Eye Care 

Call us immediately if you are experiencing an eye emergency.