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Contact Lenses in Ken Caryl, CO

At the Eyecare Center of Ken Caryl, we provide our patients with the latest in contact lens options. Many people prefer wearing contact lenses instead of eyeglasses for vision correction for several great reasons:  

  • Contact lenses are an excellent choice for people who play sports or are physically active, as they don’t have to worry about breaking their eyeglasses.  
  • People who prefer a more natural appearance enjoy wearing contact lenses instead of glasses.  
  • Contact lenses don’t fog up or get smudged or obstructed by rain, and you don’t have to worry about constantly adjusting them. This is especially important for those who live in humid or rainy climates or who work in environments where eyeglasses can become a hindrance. 
  • Contact lenses can be worn with sunglasses, safety goggles, and other protective eyewear without issue. 

There are several types of contact lenses, which can be broadly categorized based on their material, wearing schedule, and purpose.  

Soft contact lenses  

Soft contact lenses are the most common. Made from flexible hydrogel or silicone hydrogel materials, soft contact lenses allow oxygen to pass through to the cornea. They are comfortable and easy to adapt to and can correct various vision issues like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. Depending on the prescription, soft contact lenses can have different wear schedules:   

  • Daily disposable lenses: Designed for single-day use and should be discarded after removal.  
  • Monthly disposable lenses: Can be worn for up to a month before replacement.  

The most common contact lens modalities are daily and monthly disposable lenses. Daily disposable lenses are the healthiest option for your eyes and often the most comfortable contact lens to wear.  

Rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses 

Also known as hard lenses or GP lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses are made from a durable, oxygen-permeable plastic material. They provide sharp vision and are more resistant to deposits, making them suitable for people with high astigmatism or keratoconus.  

Cosmetic or colored contact lenses

Available in both prescription and non-prescription forms, these lenses change the eye’s appearance by enhancing or altering the natural eye color. They come in a variety of colors and designs. 

Multifocal contact lenses 

Designed for people with presbyopia, these lenses have multiple prescriptions in a single lens, enabling users to see clearly at various distances (near, intermediate, and far). 

Specialty contact lenses  

Specialty contact lenses are designed for people who cannot wear standard contacts. Available in several types, they are used for various vision correction needs. An individual’s unique eye health needs will impact the specific type of specialty contact lens they wear. 

Scleral contact lenses    

These large-diameter lenses cover the entire cornea and rest on the sclera (the white part of the eye). The design of these lenses creates a tear-filled space between the lens and cornea, providing comfort and improved vision. 

Scleral contact lenses essentially replace an irregularly shaped cornea with a perfectly smooth optical surface to correct vision problems caused by keratoconus, high astigmatism, and other corneal irregularities. Since scleral contact lenses rest on the sclera, which is a less sensitive part of the eye, they can also be more comfortable for people who have dry eye disease. 

Orthokeratology contact lenses  

Orthokeratology (ortho-k) contact lenses are designed to be worn overnight to temporarily reshape the cornea and correct refractive errors such as myopia (nearsightedness), astigmatism, and low levels of farsightedness and presbyopia. By gently reshaping the cornea while you sleep, FDA-approved ortho-k lenses allow you to enjoy clear vision during the day without the need for glasses or contacts.   

Schedule a contact lens exam & fitting at the Eyecare Center of Ken Caryl  

At the Eyecare Center of Ken Caryl, our eye doctors and team are experts at ensuring your contacts fit properly and provide you with clear, comfortable vision. Even if you have been told in the past that you were not a suitable candidate for contact lenses due to dry eye, keratoconus, or other issues, our specialty contact lenses may be a solution!  

Contact Lenses

Our eye doctors and team are experts at ensuring your contacts fit you properly.