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Halloween Eye Safety Tips: Protecting Your Eyes During the Spooky Season

Oct 1, 2023 | Eye Health

As temperatures start to drop and the leaves change color, many people are planning their Halloween costumes and getting excited for the spooky season ahead. While Halloween is a fun time to dress up and pretend to be ghouls and goblins, it’s important to remember to take care of your eyes. In this blog post, we’ll share some Halloween eye safety tips so that you can stay safe while having fun! 

1. Only wear costume contact lenses with a prescription 

Costume contact lenses are a great way to complete your Halloween ensemble. They can transform you into a convincing zombie or witch or make you look just like your favorite anime or cartoon character. While costume contact lenses can be fun, it’s important to remember they require a prescription. Non-prescription costume contacts can cut, scratch, and permanently damage your eye if they don’t fit properly. Always visit an eye doctor to make sure your contacts are safe to wear and to obtain a valid prescription.  

2. Beware of sharp and pointy objects 

Costumes with sharp and pointy objects such as swords, knives, or spears can accidentally poke your eyes and cause an injury. Be careful when handling these props and consider using a blunt object or leaving it out of your costume altogether. Also, keep your distance from anyone who is carrying a weapon as a part of their costume and avoid running or jumping around with them. 

3. Don’t use toxic makeup & face paint 

Makeup and face paint are a great way to enhance your costume, but they can irritate your eyes and cause allergic reactions if they contain harmful chemicals and dyes. Look for non-toxic and hypoallergenic makeup and face paint that are specifically designed for use on the skin. Also, apply them in a well-lit area and keep them away from your eyes. 

4. Practice good hygiene 

If you plan to wear contact lenses or eye makeup, make sure to practice good hygiene to prevent eye infections. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes, and never share eye makeup or contact lenses with others. Also, make sure to take out your contact lenses before going to bed or after a long day. Sleeping with contacts in can dry out your eyes and lead to irritation. 

5. Avoid costumes that block your vision 

Wearing a costume that blocks your vision can be dangerous, especially if you’re outside at night. Avoid masks or costumes that cover your eyes or affect your peripheral or side vision, which can cause you to trip or accidentally walk into objects. 

We hope these Halloween eye safety tips will help you enjoy the holiday without any eye-related mishaps. Happy Halloween!